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Greetings, wayward website-envier! I'm a freelance web designer in the Washington DC area, able and ready to get you that website you wish you had. You know, the one you see your friends or business competitors running that makes them look oh-so suave. Well, it's your turn to shine! I code everything by hand as a personal preference, so you are sure to get the most concise, edit-friendly layout coding possible--no 10 page, program-generated nonsense! For my credentials please see the Resume section. To view recent websites I've made for previous and ongoing clients, feel free to browse my portfolio below. Here's how I work:
  1. Free initial consultation and preliminary designs. If you like what I make you, then we proceed to customization.
  2. $150-$200 installation of a custom design made just for you. I integrate the design into your website and add your pre-written content for you. All payment is handled though my paypal account, but I don't get paid until you're satisfied with the design and we're ready to implement.
  3. Ongoing maintenance. Need to make content updates and not comfortable handling the site on a weekly basis on your own? Wish you just had a webmaster [mistress] to handle it for you? Terms/charges are fully negotiable according to what's best for you. Just send me an email!
Thank you for considering me to build your website! For service inquiries, please email me detailing your needs and web goals, and I will look forward to working with you!



I have worked on web design for 12 years now, primarily in the realm of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as their possibilities have blossomed with new tech. I've built websites for a variety of bloggers, fanlistings, bands, small businesses, actors, writing groups, and non-profit centers--even a church. I've designed everything from company logos to special event pamphlets & band flyers, and even school registration interfaces. I have kept up with the changing sphere of the industry in terms of both standards and trends and can give you near anything you want--whether I build it myself or buy a license to use someone else's. If I can't, I'll send you to someone who can with no charges incurred.

Web Design is a hobby, not a job, and so I am able to charge only enough to justify the time I put into it. As such, I am extremely affordable as well as pliable to clients' needs and timetables.

Coding: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Programs I often use: Paint.NET, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Illustrator
Resources I frequent: W3 Schools, JQuery, Simple Blog
Limited experience: PHP
Hosting Services: I regularly work with and recommend the following site hosting services -- Yahoo, Fatcow, and WordPress. If none of these fit your needs (or your moral dilemma), I have a list of decent 2nd choice hosters I can recommend as well. The host matters! Your site functionalities may not work with certain hosts' options, so be sure to let me help you choose!




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DaFont.com, Fonts.
Dynamic Drive, DHTML scripts.
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